Greg has been presenting his memory seminar, the Total Recall System for over 20 years!  

Over 500,000 people have attended and benefited from these seminars!  

Do you want a super power memory?  

Now you can! 

How would you like to be able to meet someone or even a group of people and easily remember everyone name and facts about them?  The Total Recall System will show you how someones face will actually tell you what their name is and many more things about them.  

How many times have you heard a great joke, thought to yourself, I can't wait to tell that to my friends, and just moments later have no idea what that joke was or what it was even about?  Well we can fix that!  

What if your cell phone battery dies and you need to call someone, do you know their number?  The Total Recall System shows you how to easily remember anyones phone number, birthday, anniversary or any number or date.


Keynote Speaker

Greg Gleason is an amazing keynote speaker! A passionate educator, an incredibly talented and funny entertainer, an award-winning magician and illusionist, a far reaching world traveler, and an acclaimed expert in memory training.

Greg will customize his presentation to your theme in order to maximize the impact of your event. As a motivational keynote speaker, Greg does more than entertain: he empowers and inspires. Greg speaks from experience with 30 years experience personally using the memory system and 14 years of teaching it to over 500,000 people! He has been called upon to be a guest speaker before Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and public audiences worldwide. This is outstanding corporate entertainment fueled your message and geared towards your group's success.

As his best dates fill quickly due to high demand, we suggest that you call soon to confirm your booking. You have worked hard to plan your event. Now, make it perfect by inviting Greg as your keynote speaker and entertainer to share his perspectives, talents, ideas, and creativity with your group.

Straight A’s - Study Less!

In school you are always expected to remember or memorize information and be tested on it, but how to remember is never taught in schools, and if it is, it is the rote system. Just drill it into mind over and over until you remember it. That is time consuming and if you have no interest in the subject, you may never remember it.

With the Total Recall System, you look at the information once and you can immediately retain the information! In fact in Greg’s seminars, he shows you how easy and fun it is to do! Every student will leave the seminar excited and amazed at how powerful and easy these techniques are. It will change the way they study and their grades will immediately improve!

With the price of college tuition today, students need every tool available them to insure success.  The Total Recall System will make it possible to learn and retain new information many times faster. The students grades instantly improve in history, geography, science, law, medicine, math, foreign languages, and many more.

Book Greg Gleason at your college or university and see the student GPA skyrocket!



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Trade Shows

A marketer’s dream come true... your trade show audience willingly memorizes your product message and enjoys every minute of it!  Greg Gleason takes his presentations beyond the realm of entertainment by offering your audience just what they came for- product information.

The show opens with Greg demonstrating his easy “two step” memory technique, which is based on picture association. After teaching the audience how its done, Greg convincingly delivers your specific product message. Next Greg explains how he used the same technique to memorize the product information he just communicated.

As Greg displays and describes the cartoon images he created to represent the product message, the audience willingly memorizes the name and key benefits of your product! To establish that his memory system really works, Greg displays the images a second time. Imagine the excitement as the audience repeat your product message aloud with absolute accuracy!

At all of my speaking engagements, one can expect to be entertained, engaged, and educated. I entertain the audience with extraordinary memory feats such as names of audience members that I meet before the start of the speech, or memorizing a current magazine and then I help everyone to realize the extraordinary power of their mind by teaching them how easy it is to do! My presentations are all very engaging and leave people with the feeling that they've been entertained while at the same time having learned something valuable that they can put to good use in their career and personal life.

Every seminar I ask if Iphones and Ipads are making us any smarter. No, letting electronic devices remember everything for us can hurt our memory. Today the general public’s memory ability is worse than possibly any other time in history, because we are “outsourcing” our memory to electronic devices. We all used to be able to dial the phone numbers of so many friends and family members easily from memory. Nowadays, if you ask someone to remember even one phone number, a lot of times they can't do it.  It's so bad that some people don't even know their own phone number anymore. This is a good example of the "use it or lose it" principle which applies very well to memory.

In order for your business to thrive, your employees must perform at their highest potential. The Total Recall System can help any company achieve this by teaching employees to tap into their most valuable asset: The Mind. A powerful and organized mind is vital to top job performance, but in today's fast-paced work environments, too many employees suffer from information overload. Greg Gleason can help to change all of that. He can give your company an edge over the competition, by helping your employees to develop the ability to learn more and retain more, faster than they ever thought possible.

Research has shown that without memory training, more than 70 percent of what is learned today can be forgotten within 24 hours.

In these tough economic times, you simply cannot afford to spend money on traditional training for your employees without first having Greg teach them how to retain the information. You have to get the most out of your training dollars.



For Booking information
call 702-245-0456

What Clients Are Saying About Greg Gleason


"I had the pleasure of attending several of Greg's memory seminars on cruise ships and felt that I received a tremendous amount of good information from them in addition to improving my memory for the long term. Also, my wife was suffering from Alzheimer's disease at the time and Greg's great CD program helped her after returning home even though her memory was on the decline at that point. I would recommend his program to anyone who is searching to improve their memory."
- Lyt Harris

After getting your memory DVDs, I was being considered for a very high profile position to run an organization that has numerous divisions and over 9,000 employees. I knew that most applying would never remember all of the divisions, and would probably not even be asked to name them. I thought that it would be a good idea, however, to rattle them off with a brief description of what I would do to make them more efficient and effective. I used your technique to do this and it was awesome. I am not kidding you after the interview, one interviewer actually commented on it and said that of all of the people that they interviewed it was clear that I knew more about the departments of anyone else, and that that was impressive to them. I was offered the position.
- Robert Bianchilaw


My son and I attended your memory seminar on the Norwegian Dawn. I just wanted to tell you how amazed I was. You see, about two years ago I had chemotherapy and I haven't been able to remember anything. I call it "chemo brain." Till this day, about one week later, I still remember everything you taught at the seminar. I can't wait to put this to use in my day to day life. Thank you.
- Ricky Spielberg


Thanks for the tips, I am looking forward to applying them to my studies and showing them to my future children. I have used some of these methods throughout my schooling and I have said in the past the same thing you did on the cruise, "I can't believe they don't teach this in our schools." Your DVD will sharpen my skills that I knew worked in the past plus I now have even more tools taught from the DVD for any exam. Thanks again!
- Joseph Borchers


I just wanted to thank you for all you have taught me. I was skeptical when I saw your seminar but when I bought your two DVDs, I was amazed at how fast I could improve my memory. I can't believe these DVDs changed my life so amazingly! I can't express how thankful I am. Since then, my grades have improved and I my study time is less than before. Thank you.
- Walter Chen


I enjoyed meeting you this past week on the NCL Dawn Bermuda Cruise. I also wanted to thank you. I was on the cruise with my group, and was having the toughest time remembering their names. After your memory seminar, I went back to my room and studied the list again. Within a few minutes I knew their first names, last names, and cabin numbers. I also learned my waiter’s name, the bartenders’ names, and my Cabin Stewart’s name. Thank you again!
- Brit Montmeat, Tours of Distinction


I was on a cruise where you held a memory seminar, it was fantastic! Thank you so very much.
- Marisela Lopez


I attended the memory seminar and I’m living proof that these techniques really work. It made school much easier for me, and in my single years, I amazed young ladies with my ability to remember their phone numbers without writing them down!
- Paul M. Proto


My wife & I just came off the NCL this weekend & love your magic & memory demonstrations. We of course were most impressed & learned a lot from you. I'm a professor in psychology in NYC & I discuss memory: both the mystery & the process of memory. I'm trying to especially learn more about mnemonic pegword system that you mentioned. In fact your entire seminar was amazing and look forward in implementing all your techniques! Regards.
- Bernard


I took your suggestion and attended your memory seminar and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have now memorized the first 100 peg words, the 50 states in alphabetical order (being from Canada the 10 provinces were pretty easy), the 50 state capitals, the 43 presidents (using peg), and am working on the 400 digits of pi. As well, my ability to remember peoples names has increased dramatically (I think the biggest tip there was actually hearing their name!)


I also used your system to memorize playing cards and am able to do the stunt where someone picks out five cards and reads out the rest and I can tell themnwhat cards are missing - what a blast! Actually I'm now learning to play bridge because apparently you can really increase your odds if you remember what cards have been played and by whom.

I really did just want to thank you again for introducing myself to these techniques. One of the most exciting things is that my Dad watched your dvd's and began learning the pegs and he is starting to memorize stuff like crazy as well. The neatest thing about this is for the 54 years that he's been alive he hadn't convinced himself that he had a "bad memory" Now he's proving just the opposite!

- Chris Johnston 

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