Why Your Company Needs
The Total Recall System Siminar
Have instant mental access to important business related facts & figures
Save time and money by learning new material faster than previously thought to be possible
Build relationships and get repeat business by remembering names
Retain 300% more information from every future training
Memorize key points from any book to increase knowledge, making them more of a topic expert
Gain confidence in presentation skills by giving presentations without notes
Master any new concept in 1/3 the time
Recall product knowledge inside and out perfectly
Triple their confidence in their job because they are more mentally prepared
Win friends and influence people by remembering names and other information about people
Build a large vocabulary in a foreign language quickly and easily
Start working toward lifelong mental fitness that will keep their mind sharp throughout their career
And much more

At all of my speaking engagements, one can expect to be entertained, engaged, and educated. I entertain the audience with extraordinary memory feats such as names of audience members that I meet before the start of the speech, or memorizing a current magazine and then I help everyone to realize the extraordinary power of their mind by teaching them how easy it is to do! My presentations are all very engaging and leave people with the feeling that they've been entertained while at the same time having learned something valuable that they can put to good use in their career and personal life.

Every seminar I ask if Iphones and Ipads are making us any smarter. No, letting electronic devices remember everything for us can hurt our memory. Today the general public’s memory ability is worse than possibly any other time in history, because we are “outsourcing” our memory to electronic devices. We all used to be able to dial the phone numbers of so many friends and family members easily from memory. Nowadays, if you ask someone to remember even one phone number, a lot of times they can't do it. It's so bad that some people don't even know their own phone number anymore. This is a good example of the "use it or lose it" principle which applies very well to memory.

In order for your business to thrive, your employees must perform at their highest potential. The Total Recall System can help any company achieve this by teaching employees to tap into their most valuable asset: The Mind. A powerful and organized mind is vital to top job performance, but in today's fast-paced work environments, too many employees suffer from information overload. Greg Gleason can help to change all of that. He can give your company an edge over the competition, by helping your employees to develop the ability to learn more and retain more, faster than they ever thought possible.

Research has shown that without memory training, more than 70 percent of what is learned today can be forgotten within 24 hours. In these tough economic times, you simply cannot afford to spend money on traditional training for your employees without first having Greg teach them how to retain the information. You have to get the most out of your training dollars.